This is a video sharing platform built specially for Overwatch players. Being one of those players myself, I built this project after realizing that although the game provides a great feature of detecting and exporting your highlight moments as short videos, the ideal platform for sharing those videos still didn't exist. It features 3rd-party login and other funcionalities that are special to those that are familiar with the game.

The stack is MySQL running on Google's CloudSQL service and Django 2.1 running on App Engine for the backend. For the frontend I used Django's built-in templating system along with Materialize CSS and vanilla javascript. This project was my way of taking a deep dive at Django and TDD, as well as consolidating some of my knowledge of continuous integration and the google cloud services.

Subway status web app

Following the São Paulo subway web scraper, this project consists of a web interface to watch and intereact with the data produced. The Dash framework was used as it is very similar to Flask but with pretty visual components included. The data collected using the scraper was cleaned and presented through Gantt charts, which is a good fit for categorical data over time. Browse the demo!

Subway status web scraper

This web scraper uses the Python modules Requests and Beautiful Soup to fetch the operation status for the São Paulo subway lines. The data is continuously stored using the google sheets service, with a separete sheet for every month of the year. This project was featured in a big Medium publication, so feel free to read the article.

Image Grabber

The Image Grabber is a GUI tool for capturing box-regions of the screen. I decided to write this tool in my spare time as a QA intern because my colleagues and I were losing too much time on the process of taking screenshots for functional test automation. This project allowed me to help my colleagues and get feedback on a daily basis, fixing and improving the product many times, so it was an amazingly rich and enjoyable experience for me.

Web of presence sensors

This project was made to record how people use a building. The web of presence sensors is an IoT platform of two components: presence detectors and a web server. The presence detectors use ultrassonic sensors to detect people passing across its range and periodically send its counts via WiFi to the web server that was implemented using Django and Django REST. The web server stores the data and produces dashboard views from it.

Coding school Code Decay

When my friend Renan and I had enough of tons of theoretical classes and few "hands-on" opportunities during the engineering major, we decided to teach programming and electronics ourselves in presencial workshops. The first saturday morning of arduino classes was a huge success and from then on we kept improving our teaching skills as well as business skills as this initiative became an entrepreneurship opportunity. Throughout the time frame of two years we taught programming to roughly 1000 people from various backgrounds, producing very rich experiences for both our clients and ourselves.